Metallic magnetic calorimeters (MMC) are calorimetric particle detectors, typically operated at temperatures below 50 mK, that make use of a paramagnetic temperature sensor to transform the temperature rise upon the absorption of a particle in the detector into a magnetic flux change in a SQUID. During the last years a growing number of groups started to develop MMCs for a wide variety of applications, ranging from alpha-, beta- and gamma-spectrometry over kilo-pixels molecule cameras to arrays of high resolution x-ray detectors. For soft x-rays an energy resolution of 1.6 eV (FWHM) has been demonstrated. We give an introduction to the physics of MMCs and summarize the presently used readout schemes for single channel read-out and multiplexing. We discuss the micro-fabrication of MMCs and present devices for high resolution X and gamma ray spectroscopy, presently used for QED tests in highly charged ions as well as to determine the isomer energy of Th-229.

Seminarraum HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3
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