Dynamics of heavy-ion beams penetrating gaseous and plasma targets is considered theoretically on the basis of atomic ionization and recombination charge-changing processes. In gas/solid targets those are electron-loss and electron capture, and in interaction with a plasma, one has to account for additional processes such as radiation, three-body and dielectronic recombinations and ionization of projectile ions by plasma particles. The cross sections of these processes are considered as an input set for solving the balance rate equations by the BREIT code to find the ion charge-state fractions Fq(x). In passage of ion-beam through a plasma, abundances of plasma particles as a function of electron temperature and density are important. A difference between hydrogen cold-gas and plasma-target is considered as well.
At relativistic energies, a role of relativistic effects in electron-loss processes is very important, especially in estimating the ion-beam lifetimes of heavy many- electron ions in powerful accelerators. Calculations of cross sections and ion- beam lifetimes for HESR/GSI and for the Gamma Factory/CERN devices are demonstrated.

Seminarraum HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3
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