Atomic Physics with (super) Heavy Atoms and Ions

Atomic Physics with (super) Heavy Atoms and Ions

The workshop “Atomic Physics with (super) Heavy Atoms and Ions” will be held on Wednesday, October 26th, in the conference room at the Center for Applied Research (ZAF) of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. It is supported by the Helmholtz Institute Jena and the ExtreMe Matter Institute EMMI at the GSI Helmholtz Center.

The workshop aims to bring together the experts who share their interest in studying the properties and behavior of both atomic electrons and quantum vacuum in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. A wide range of topics will be covered during the meeting, including, but not limited to:

  • Super-critical atomic fields, heavy quasi-molecular systems
  • Testing the fundamental physics in strong fields
  • Nuclear effects in heavy atoms and ions
  • Pair production in strong laser and Coulomb fields

All colleagues interested in recent theoretical developments in the field of the atomic physics under an extreme condition of strong electromagnetic fields are cordially welcomed to attend the workshop.

Please also see the program and poster of the workshop.

Zentrum für Angewandte Forschung, Philosophenweg 7
Datum (Start der Veranstaltung)
26.10. – 26.10.2016