Photoionization of ions is important in astrophysical environments such as stars, planetary nebulae or active galactic nuclei. The modeling of astrophysical plasmas requires the knowledge of photoionization cross sections. These may be accessed experimentally by employing the photon-ion merged beam technique at a synchrotron light source. I will present selected results from the Advanced Light Source (Berkeley, California, USA) and from PETRA III (Hamburg, Germany) which is the world's most brilliant 3rd generation light source to date. Next to the ability to provide absolute cross sections for photoionization of ions, the merged beams technique also provides access to mass selected cluster ions. Very recently this has been exploited to study photoionization and photo fragmentation of endohedral fullerene ions such as Xe@C60+. These studies yielded the first unambiguous experimental observation of confinement resonances, a multipath interference phenomenon which is due to the unique geometry of the endohedral Xe@C60 fullerene.

Seminarraum HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3
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