Within this group, research focuses on generation, characterization and optimization of plasma-based X-ray lasers (XRL). With the help of high-power laser system such as PHELIX (GSI Helmholtz Centre, Darmstadt), cylindrical plasmas (about 5 mm × 100 µm) are generated, in which a population inversion is established by electron collisions in nickel- and neon-like ions. Via amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) along the plasma cylinder, a low-energy X-ray pulse with a wavelength between 7 nm and 35 nm (100­­ eV to 30 eV) , depending on the target material, is formed. Core issues are the development towards shorter wavelengths, as well as the improvement of qualitative properties (pulse energy, spatial beam profile, temporal and spatial coherence) through the combination of two individual X-ray laser media (injection seeding).


Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühl
+49 6159 71-2438