Peer-Review Publications


Yuan-Cheng Wang, Jia Ma, Li-Guang Jiao, and Stephan Fritzsche
Inner-shell ionization cross sections of atoms by positron impact
Communications in theoretical physics, 76 (6) :065502 - (June 2024)
Publisher: Inst. of Theoretical Physics
Lei Xu, Francisco M Fernández, Li Guang Jiao, Henry E Montgomery, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Revisiting the energy spectrum of the radial screened Coulomb potential
Physica scripta, 99 (6) :065404 - (June 2024)
Publisher: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
F. C. Salgado, Alperen Kozan, Daniel Seipt, D. Hollatz, P. Hilz, M. Kaluza, A. Sävert, A. Seidel, D. Ullmann, Y. Zhao, and M. Zepf
All-optical source size and emittance measurements of laser-accelerated electron beams
Physical review accelerators and beams, 27 (5) :052803 (May 2024)
Publisher: American Physical Society
Fabian Schütze, Leonard Doyle, Jörg Schreiber, Matt Zepf, and Felix Karbstein
Dark-field setup for the measurement of light-by-light scattering with high-intensity lasers
Physical review / D, 109 (9) :096009 (May 2024)
Publisher: American Physical Society
Holger Gies, and Kevin K. K. Tam
Fermionic fixed-point structure of asymptotically safe QED with a Pauli term
The European physical journal / C, 84 (5) :477 (May 2024)
Publisher: Springer
Stefan Ringleb, Markus Kiffer, Manuel Vogel, and Thomas Stöhlker
Off-resonance electronic detection and cooling of ions in a Penning trap
The European physical journal / Plus, 139 (5) :401 (May 2024)
Publisher: Springer
Yasmina Azamoum, Georg Alexander Becker, Sebastian Keppler, Guillaume Duchateau, Stefan Skupin, Mickael Grech, Fabrice Catoire, Sebastian Hell, Issa Tamer, Marco Hornung, Marco Hellwing, Alexander Kessler, Frank Schorcht, and Malte Christoph Kaluza
Optical probing of ultrafast laser-induced solid-to-overdense-plasma transitions
Light, 13 (1) :109 (May 2024)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Y. Ma, J. A. Cardarelli, P. T. Campbell, S. Fourmaux, R. Fitzgarrald, M. D. Balcazar, A. F. Antoine, N. F. Beier, Q. Qian, A. E. Hussein, B. Kettle, S. R. Klein, K. Krushelnick, Y. F. Li, S. P. D. Mangles, G. Sarri, Daniel Seipt, V. Senthilkumaran, M. J. V. Streeter, L. Willingale, and A. G. R. Thomas
Single-Shot Diagnosis of Electron Energy Evolution via Streaked Betatron X Rays in a Curved Laser Wakefield Accelerator
Physical review letters, 132 (22) :225001 (May 2024)
Publisher: APS
Haress Nazary, Martin Metternich, Dennis Schumacher, F. Neufeld, S. J. Grimm, Christian Brabetz, F. Kroll, F.-E. Brack, Abel Blazevic, U. Schramm, Vincent Bagnoud, and M. Roth
Towards ion stopping power experiments with the laser-driven LIGHT beamline
Journal of plasma physics, 90 (3) :905900302 (May 2024)
Publisher: Cambridge Univ. Press
Marc Oliver Herdrich, D. Hengstler, S. Allgeier, M. Friedrich, A. Fleischmann, C. Enss, Sonja Bernitt, T. Morgenroth, S. Trotsenko, R. Schuch, and Thomas Stöhlker
Application of a metallic-magnetic calorimeter for high-resolution x-ray spectroscopy of Fe at an EBIT
Journal of physics / B, 57 (8) :085001 - (April 2024)
Publisher: IOP Publ.
Tong Yan, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, Yuan Cheng Wang, Henry E. Montgomery, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Bound state energies and critical bound region in the semiclassical dense hydrogen plasmas
Physics of plasmas, 31 (4) :042110 (April 2024)
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Johann J. Abel, Jonathan Apell, Felix Wiesner, Julius Reinhard, Martin Wünsche, Nadja Felde, Gabriele Schmidl, Jonathan Plentz, Gerhard G. Paulus, Stephanie Lippmann, and Silvio Fuchs
Non-destructive depth reconstruction of Al-Al2Cu layer structure with nanometer resolution using extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography
Materials characterization, 211 :113894 - (April 2024)
Publisher: Science Direct
Danish Furekh Dar, and Stephan Fritzsche
Nonlinear interference and electron dynamics: Probing photoelectron momentum distributions in strong-field ionization
Physical review / A, 109 (4) :L041101 (April 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
Zhongwen Wu, J. Q. Wang, Y. Li, Y. H. An, and Stephan Fritzsche
Relativistic R-matrix calculations for the photoionization of W61 + ions
Physics of plasmas, 31 (4) :043301 (April 2024)
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Saeid Ebrahimzadeh, Sakib Adnan, Yishen Li, Vito F Pecile, Jakob Fellinger, Haydar Sarper Salman, Christoph M Heyl, Ingmar Hartl, Oliver H Heckl, and Gil Porat
Spectrally tunable phase-biased NALM mode-locked Yb:fiber laser with nJ-level pulse energy
JPhys photonics, 6 (2) :02LT01 - (April 2024)
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Jordan J. Marsh, Carlo G. Bruno, Thomas Davinson, Philip J. Woods, Zoran Andelkovic, Angela Bräuning-Demian, Rui-Jui Chen, Sophia F. Dellmann, Phillip Erbacher, Svetlana Fedotova, Oliver Forstner, David Freire-Fernandez, Jan Glorius, Alexandre Gumberidze, Oscar Hall, Pierre-Michel Hillenbrand, Frank Herfurth, George Hudson-Chang, Anton Kalinin, Michael Lestinsky, Yuri A. Litvinov, Esther B. Menz, Chiara Nociforo, Nikolaos Petridis, Athanasios Psaltis, Shahab Sanjari, Mariia Selina, Uwe Spillman, Ragandeep S. Sidhu, Thomas Stöhlker, Laszlo Varga, and Gleb Vorobjev
The first in-beam reaction measurement at CRYRING@ESR using the CARME array
The European physical journal / A, 60 (4) :95 (April 2024)
Publisher: Springer
R. P. Schmidt, S. Ramakrishna, A. A. Peshkov, N. Huntemann, E. Peik, Stephan Fritzsche, and A. Surzhykov
Atomic photoexcitation as a tool for probing purity of twisted light modes
Physical review / A, 109 (3) :033103 (March 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
Zhongwen Wu, Y. Li, and Stephan Fritzsche
Competition of the Breit interaction in angular anisotropy of Auger electrons
Physical review / A, 109 (3) :032817 (March 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
Stephan Fritzsche, Liguang Jiao, and Giorgio Visentin
Rapid Access to Empirical Impact Ionization Cross Sections for Atoms and Ions across the Periodic Table
Plasma, 7 (1) :106 - 120 (March 2024)
Publisher: MDPI
Markus Kiffer, Stefan Ringleb, Thomas Stöhlker, and Manuel Vogel
Resistive cooling of ions' center-of-mass energy in a Penning trap on millisecond time scales
Physical review / A, 109 (3) :033102 (March 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
Yuan-Cheng Wang, Giorgio Visentin, Li Guang Jiao, and Stephan Fritzsche
Acceleration correction to the binary-encounter Bethe model for the electron-impact ionization of molecules
Physical review / A, 109 (2) :022804 (February 2024)
Yuan-Cheng Wang, Li Guang Jiao, and Stephan Fritzsche
Generalized binary-encounter-Bethe model for electron impact ionization of atoms
Journal of physics / B, 57 (4) :045202 - (February 2024)
Publisher: IOP Publ.
Carlos Sevilla-Gutiérrez, Varun Raj Kaipalath, Baghdasar Baghdasaryan, Markus Gräfe, Stephan Fritzsche, and Fabian Steinlechner
Spectral properties of transverse Laguerre-Gauss modes in parametric down-conversion
Physical review / A, 109 (2) :023534 (February 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
Felix Karbstein
Towards the full Heisenberg-Euler effective action at large N
Journal of high energy physics, 2024 (2) :180 (February 2024)
Publisher: SISSA
ISSN: 1126-6708
Andrey Bondarev, Maris Tamanis, Ruvin Ferber, Gönül Başar, Sophie Kröger, Mikhail G. Kozlov, and Stephan Fritzsche
Comparison of theory and experiment for radiative characteristics in neutral thulium
Physical review / A, 109 (1) :012815 (January 2024)
Publisher: Inst.
ISSN: 2469-9926