Peer-Review Publications


C. G. Bruno, J. J. Marsh, T. Davinson, P. J. Woods, P. Black, A. Bräuning-Demian, Jan Glorius, A. Grant, O. Hall, A. Headspith, P. Hindley, I. Lazarus, K. Middleman, Nikolaos Petridis, Michael Lestinsky, Yu. A. Litvinov, R. S. Sidhu, and Thomas Stöhlker
CARME — The CRYRING Array for Reaction MEasurements
Nuclear instruments $&$ methods in physics research / A, 1048 :168007 ( 2023)
Publisher: North-Holland Publ. Co.
ISSN: 0167-5087
Sobhy Kholaif, Cesar Jauregui, Yiming Tu, and Jens Limpert
Characterization of transverse mode instability with a 4-quadrant photodiode
Optics express, 31 (6) :10633 ( 2023)
Publisher: Optica
ISSN: 1094-4087
Stephan Fritzsche, Li-Guang Jiao, Yuan-Cheng Wang, and Jozef E. Sienkiewicz
Collision Strengths of Astrophysical Interest for Multiply Charged Ions
Atoms, 11 (5) :80 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2218-2004
Yingying An, Xiaozhi Shen, Ping Yuan, and Zhongwen Wu
Collisional-radiative modeling of the 2p3 l ( l = p,d) spectra of N II and application to lightning
Journal of applied physics, 133 (17) :173301 ( 2023)
Publisher: American Inst. of Physics
ISSN: 0021-8979
Maximilian Benner, Maximilian Karst, Cristina Amaya Mendez, Henning Stark, and Jens Limpert
Concept of enhanced frequency chirping for multi-pass cells to improve the pulse contrast
Journal of the Optical Society of America / B, 40 (2) :301 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0740-3224
A. Kirsche, R. Klas, M. Gebhardt, L. Eisenbach, W. Eschen, J. Buldt, H. Stark, J. Rothhardt, and J. Limpert
Continuously tunable high photon flux high harmonic source at 50 – 70 eV
Optics Express, 31 :2744 (January 2023)
A fully tunable table-top extreme ultraviolet source providing state-of-the-art photon flux at energies of 50-70 eV is presented. It is based on a nonlinear blueshift and subsequent high harmonic generation in a gas-filled capillary.
B. Minneker, R. Klas, J. Rothhardt, and S. Fritzsche
Critical Laser Intensity of Phase-Matched High-Order Harmonic Generation in Noble Gases
Photonics, 10 :1 (January 2023)
The efficient generation of high-order harmonic radiation has been a challenging task since the early days of strong-field physics. An essential requirement to achieve efficient high-order harmonic generation inside a gas medium is the phase matching of the high-order harmonic radiation and the incident laser pulse. The dominant contribution to the wave–vector mismatch Δk is associated with the ionization probability of the medium. In this work, we derive two analytical formulas to calculate the critical intensity of a general linearly polarized laser pulse that obey the phase-matching condition Δk=0. The analytic formulas are valid in the tunneling regime (ADK model) and the regime of the tunnel and multi-photon ionization (PPT model), respectively. We compare our results to numerical computations and discuss the scaling of the critical intensity depending on the pulse duration and the wavelength of a realistic incident laser pulse. The analytical approach demonstrated in this work is highly accurate and can compete with the existing numerical computational methods by an error of less than 1% and a decrease in the computation time of approximately 4 to 6 orders of magnitude. This enables complex theoretical studies of the efficiency scaling in HHG or to consider the effects of ground state depletion efficiently.
Lei Xu, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, Yuan Cheng Wang, Henry E Montgomery Jr, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Critical screening parameters of one-electron systems with screened Coulomb potentials: circular Rydberg states
Journal of physics / B, 56 (17) :175002 ( 2023)
Publisher: IOP Publ.
ISSN: 0022-3700
Laura Silletti, Ammar Wahid, Esmerando Escoto, Prannay Balla, Supriya Rajhans, Katinka Horn, Lutz Winkelmann, Vincent Wanie, Andrea Trabattoni, Christoph Heyl, and Francesca Calegari
Dispersion-engineered multi-pass cell for single-stage post-compression of an ytterbium laser
Optics letters, 48 (7) :1842 ( 2023)
Publisher: Soc.
ISSN: 0146-9592
Zhi Ling Zhou, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, Yuan Cheng Wang, Henry E. Montgomery, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Effective pressures on the outer-, inner-, and shell-confined hydrogenic atoms
The European physical journal / D, 77 (5) :78 ( 2023)
Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 1434-6060
Lei Xu, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, Henry E. Montgomery, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Energy spectra and asymptotic laws of the radial screened Coulomb potential
Physics letters / A, 483 :129064 ( 2023)
Publisher: North-Holland Publ.
ISSN: 0031-9163
Baghdasar Baghdasaryan, Fabian Steinlechner, and Stephan Fritzsche
Enhancing the purity of single photons in parametric down-conversion through simultaneous pump-beam and crystal-domain engineering
Physical review / A, 108 (2) :023718 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
P. Pfäfflein, G. Weber, S. Allgeier, S. Bernitt, A. Fleischmann, M. Friedrich, C. Hahn, D. Hengstler, M. Herdrich, A. Kalinin, F. Kröger, P. Kuntz, M. Lestinsky, B. Löher, E. Menz, U. Spillmann, B. Zhu, C. Enss, and T. Stöhlker
Exploitation of the Timing Capabilities of Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters for a Coincidence Measurement Scheme
Atoms, 11 :1 (January 2023)
In this report, we compare two filter algorithms for extracting timing information using novel metallic magnetic calorimeter detectors, applied to the precision X-ray spectroscopy of highly charged ions in a storage ring. Accurate timing information is crucial when exploiting coincidence conditions for background suppression to obtain clean spectra. For X-rays emitted by charge-changing interactions between ions and a target, this is a well-established technique when relying on conventional semiconductor detectors that offer a good temporal resolution. However, until recently, such a coincidence scheme had never been realized with metallic magnetic calorimeters, which typically feature much longer signal rise times. In this report, we present optimized timing filter algorithms for this type of detector. Their application to experimental data recently obtained at the electron cooler of CRYRING@ESR at GSI, Darmstadt is discussed.
Anne-Lise Viotti, Chen Li, Gunnar Arisholm, Lutz Winkelmann, Ingmar Hartl, Christoph Heyl, and Marcus Seidel
Few-cycle pulse generation by double-stage hybrid multi-pass multi-plate nonlinear pulse compression
Optics letters, 48 (4) :984 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0146-9592
Christopher Aleshire, Timo Eichner, Albrecht Steinkopff, Arno Klenke, Cesar Jauregui, Guido Palmer, Stefan Kuhn, Johannes Nold, Nicoletta Haarlammert, Wim P. Leemans, Thomas Schreiber, Andreas R. Maier, and Jens Limpert
Frequency-doubled Q-switched 4 × 4 multicore fiber laser system
Optics letters, 48 (8) :2198 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0146-9592
Xue Nan Li, Yong Zhi Zhang, Li Guang Jiao, Yuan Cheng Wang, Henry E. Montgomery, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Geometric properties of the ground state of $H^-$ and $He$ in dense quantum plasmas
The European physical journal / D, 77 (6) :96 ( 2023)
Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 1434-6060
Lyubomir Stoyanov, Aleksander Stefanov, Alexander Dreischuh, and Gerhard G. Paulus
Gouy phase of Bessel-Gaussian beams: theory vs. experiment
Optics express, 31 (9) :13683 ( 2023)
Publisher: Optica
ISSN: 1094-4087
Zhangjin Chen, Qiongmin Ding, Qinghua Chen, Shuqi Li, Fang Liu, Huipeng Kang, Toru Morishita, and Jing Chen
High-order above-threshold ionization in elliptically polarized laser fields: Identifying the recollision time
Physical review / A, 107 (5) :053107 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
Joachim Buldt, Tobias Heuermann, Ziyao Wang, Philipp Gierschke, Mathias Lenski, Cesar Jauregui, and Jens Limpert
High-power two-color plasma-based THz generation driven by a Tm-doped fiber laser
Optics letters, 48 (13) :3403 ( 2023)
Publisher: Soc.
ISSN: 0146-9592
Mengqi Du, Xiaomeng Liu, Antonios Pelekanidis, Fengling Zhang, Lars Lötgering, Patrick Konold, Christina L. Porter, Peter Smorenburg, Kjeld S. E. Eikema, and Stefan Witte
High-resolution wavefront sensing and aberration analysis of multi-spectral extreme ultraviolet beams
Optica, 10 (2) :255 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 2334-2536
Marc Oliver Herdrich, Daniel Hengstler, Michael Keller, Jeschua Geist, Christian Schötz, Matthäus Krantz, Andreas Fleischmann, Christian Enss, Tobias Gassner, Pierre-Michel Hillenbrand, Alexandre Gumberidze, Uwe Spillmann, Sergiy Trotsenko, Paul Indelicato, and Thomas Stöhlker
High-resolution X-ray emission study for Xe$^54+$ on Xe collisions
The European physical journal / D, 77 (7) :125 ( 2023)
Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 1434-6060
W. Eschen, C. Liu, D. Penagos Molina, R. Klas, J. Limpert, and J. Rothhardt
High-speed and wide-field nanoscale table-top ptychographic EUV imaging and beam characterization with a sCMOS detector
Optics Express, 31 :14212 (April 2023)
We present high-speed and wide-field EUV ptychography at 13.5 nm wavelength using a table-top high-order harmonic source. Compared to previous measurements, the total measurement time is significantly reduced by up to a factor of five by employing a scientific complementary metal oxide semiconductor (sCMOS) detector that is combined with an optimized multilayer mirror configuration. The fast frame rate of the sCMOS detector enables wide-field imaging with a field of view of 100 µm × 100 µm with an imaging speed of 4.6 Mpix/h. Furthermore, fast EUV wavefront characterization is employed using a combination of the sCMOS detector with orthogonal probe relaxation.
Yu Ying He, Zhi Ling Zhou, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, H. E. Montgomery, and Yew Kam Ho
Hyperpolarizabilities of hydrogenlike atoms in Debye and dense quantum plasmas
Physical review / E, 107 (4) :045201 ( 2023)
Publisher: Inst.
ISSN: 2470-0045
Tong Tian, Zhe Sun, Sukyoon Oh, and Christian Spielmann
Image-Enhanced Pseudo-Thermal Ghost Imaging with Hybrid Speckle Pattern
Photonics, 10 (7) :709 - ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2304-6732
Fabian Trost, Kartik Ayyer, Mauro Prasciolu, Holger Fleckenstein, Miriam Barthelmess, Oleksandr Yefanov, J. Lukas Dresselhaus, Chufeng Li, Saša Bajt, Jerome Carnis, Tamme Wollweber, Abhishek Mall, Zhou Shen, Yulong Zhuang, Stefan Richter, Sebastian Karl, Sebastian Cardoch, Kajwal Kumar Patra, Johannes Möller, Alexey Zozulya, Roman Shayduk, Wei Lu, Felix Brauße, Bertram Friedrich, Ulrike Boesenberg, Ilia Petrov, Sergey Tomin, Marc Guetg, Anders Madsen, Nicusor Timneanu, Carl Caleman, Ralf Röhlsberger, Joachim Zanthier, and Henry N. Chapman
Imaging via Correlation of X-Ray Fluorescence Photons
Physical review letters, 130 (17) :173201 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 0031-9007