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RS-APS Seminar

RS-APS Seminar

Using a fast ion beam, we investigate the multi-electron strong-field ionization dynamics of atomic ions, in particular in elliptically polarized pulsed laser fields. In contrast to linear polarization, for elliptically polarized many-cycle pulses, the final ion momentum distribution in single ionization provides direct and complete information on the ionizing field strength as well as the ionization time.

Furthermore, we are able to reconstruct the electron momenta from the ion momentum distributions after multiple ionization and, therefore, gain information on the ionization field strength as well as on the release times for subsequent ionization steps. The results are compared to predictions from classical Monte-Carlo simulations based on quasistatic ionization rates

In addition, the subtle effects of the Coulomb interaction on the electron trajectory lead to a tilt in the observed momentum distribution. These effects can be used to study the kinematics and the initial conditions of the electron following tunnel ionization.

Seminar room HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3