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RS-APS Seminar

RS-APS Seminar

This thesis describes the development of a particle counter based on a Cerium activated yttrium aluminium perovskite (YAP:Ce) scintillator. The detector is designed for charge exchange experiments at the relocated ion storage ring CRYRING at the GSI Helmholtz Zentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt. It will be used for charge exchange experiments. The suggested detector design was developed regarding the requirements set by the desired ultra high vacuum conditions of up to 10−12 mbar at CRYRING in combination with a high radiation hardness against ion irradiation. The design was kept as simple as possible offering an easy exchange of the scintillator (not limited to YAP:Ce) if necessary.

For an estimation of the detector lifetime the radiation hardness was systematically investigated for Hydrogen, Oxygen and Iodine irradiation in the energy regime of 1 – 10 MeV. The measurement took place at the JULIA tandem accelerator. For the measurement of detector degradation the light yield was used. Values determined for the critical fluence, defined as fluence at half the initial light yield, varied from 1 × 1015 cm−2 in the case of hydrogen down to 1.7 × 1012 cm−2 for iodine irradiation.

Prior to the hardness investigation, the used photomultiplier tube (PMT) was tested for anomalous behaviour like temporal or spatial dependence of the output signal. Taking the experimental uncertainties into account no such dependencies could be observed. It was concluded that the investigated PMT was well suited for the use in the experiment and later on the particle counter.

Seminar room HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3