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Ionization Induced Dynamics in Liquids Uncovered via Ultrafast Time-resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Dr. Ludger Inhester
DESY, Hamburg


Our understanding of the immediate response of matter to ionization is crucial for many fields. Experimental developments in ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy and experimental setups with liquid jets provide novel insights into the creation of ions and radicals by ionization and how they further interact with a liquid environment. The species and their evolution are of immediate relevance for corrosion effects, space travel, and medical applications.

To interpret time-resolved ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy experiments, ab-initio modelling of the involved dynamics and the connected evolving spectroscopic features is often imperative. In my talk, I will present our research on tracking fundamental reaction processes via ultrafast x-ray absorption spectroscopy and ab-initio calculations.

My talk will cover the primary steps in radiolysis of water, where our techniques resolves the immediate creation of the OH radical and the hydronium cation [1]. Further insights into the solvation process of electrons in liquid water are presented [2]. Moreover, I will show how our investigations recently uncovered that the primary processes induced by ionization in an aqueous urea solutions is a proton transfer reaction between neighboring urea molecules [3, 4]. I will also give an outlook addressing more recent experiments approaching the attosecond regime revealing the involved dynamics of ionization cascades in liquid water [5].

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Seminarraum HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3