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Technology developments towards high-resolution, ultra-large microcalorimeter arrays for photon science

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kempf
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


In recent years, cryogenic microcalorimeters have impressively proven to advance the state of the art in the detection of ionizing radiation as they combine an excellent energy resolution and fast signal rise time with a quantum efficiency close to 100%. For this reason, microcalorimeter arrays are hot candidates for future instrumentation at next-generation brilliant light sources. However, the resolution of present arrays still lacks behind existing wavelength-dispersive spectrometers. Similarly, the sensitive area is still significantly smaller as compared to semiconductor-based X-ray spectrometers. To overcome these limitations, technology developments are of utmost importance to allow for closely-packed microcalorimeter arrays consisting of thousands of individual detector, each providing sub-eV energy resolution. Within this context, this talk will present our most recent progress related to the development of such outstanding instruments. More precisely, we will discuss several multiplexing strategies as well as novel detector concepts for reaching sub-eV energy resolution.

Seminarraum HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3