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Institute’s Seminar

Institute’s Seminar

Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions for Nuclear Structure and Fundamental Research

Wilfried Nörtershäuser
TU Darmstadt

Collinear laser spectroscopy has been applied on beams of highly charged ions from the keV to the GeV range. Helium-like systems of light isotopes are studied at the Collinear Apparatus for Laser Spectroscopy and Applied Sience (COALA) at TU Darmstadt to extract nuclear charge radii and nuclear moments of stable isotopes. This approach is based on nonrelativistic QED calculations with the highest currently achievable accuracy. At the Experimental Storag Ring (ESR) at GSI Darmstadt, heavy highly charged ions were studied to test QED in the strongest magnetic fields available in the laboratory. Here, laser spectrosocpy is performed on hydrogen-like Bi82+ and lithium-like Bi80+ ions at about 70% of the speed of light. I will present the status of these experiments and provide an outlook for further studies on short-lived species and at higher accuracy.