CRYRING@ESR constitutes the first major facility of the FAIR accelerator complex. It can store and cool heavy, highly charged ions in an energy range of roughly 10 MeV/u down to a few 100 keV/u. Featuring excellent vacuum conditions, it achieves ion beam lifetimes of several seconds to minutes for even the highest charge states of ions. CRYRING@ESR is equipped with a high performance electron cooler, as well as with a gas jet target. Moreover, an independent injector beamline will allow for standalone operation during commissioning and prototyping while the FAIR accelerators are unavailable.

The ions are kept in orbit by twelve 30° magnetic dipoles and a number of magnetic quadrupoles and sextupoles (not shown in the figure) in six of the twelve straight sections. The other six sections house an injection and an extraction system, an rf-gap for deceleration and acceleration, and the electron cooler. Finally, one section is available for experimental installations, such as a gas target.