Peer-Review Publications


Philip Pfäfflein, Christoph Hahn, Marc Oliver Herdrich, Felix Martin Kroeger, Günter Weber, and Thomas Stöhlker
Implementation of a constant fraction algorithm for improved time resolution of metallic magnetic calorimeter measurements
Proceedings of FAIR next generation scientists - 7th Edition Workshop — PoS(FAIRness2022) - Sissa Medialab Trieste, Italy, 2023. - ISBN - doi:10.22323/1.419.0044
FAIR next generation scientists - 7th Edition Workshop, Paralia (Pieria) (Greece), 23 May 2022 - 27 May 2022
Publisher: Sissa Medialab Trieste, Italy (May 2023)
Sukyoon Oh, Zhe Sun, Tong Tian, and Christian Spielmann
Improvements of Computational Ghost Imaging by Using Sequenced Speckle
Applied Sciences, 13 (12) :6954 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2076-3417
Darvin Wanisch, Juan Diego Arias Espinoza, and Stephan Fritzsche
Information scrambling and the correspondence of entanglement dynamics and operator dynamics in systems with nonlocal interactions
Physical review / B, 107 (20) :205127 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9950
O. Novak, R. Kholodov, A. N. Artemyev, A. Surzhykov, and Thomas Stöhlker
Ionization in a laser-assisted ion-ion collision
Physical review / A, 107 (5) :052815 ( 2023)
Publisher: Inst.
ISSN: 2469-9926
K. Grafenstein, F. M. Foerster, F. Haberstroh, D. Campbell, F. Irshad, F. C. Salgado, G. Schilling, E. Travac, N. Weiße, Karl Matthäus Zepf, A. Dopp, and S. Karsch
Laser-accelerated electron beams at 1 GeV using optically-induced shock injection
Scientific reports, 13 (1) :11680 ( 2023)
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers Limited, part of Springer Nature
ISSN: 2045-2322
Sobhy Kholaif, Cesar Jauregui, and Jens Limpert
Mitigation of transverse mode instability by heat-load modulation
Optics express, 31 (16) :26496 ( 2023)
Publisher: Optica
ISSN: 1094-4087
Danish Furekh Dar, Björn Minneker, and Stephan Fritzsche
Nondipole strong-field approximation for above-threshold ionization in a few-cycle pulse
Physical review / A, 107 (5) :053102 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
Ziyao Wang, Tobias Heuermann, Martin Gebhardt, Mathias Lenski, Philipp Gierschke, Robert Klas, Jan Rothhardt, Cesar Jauregui, and Jens Limpert
Nonlinear pulse compression to sub-two-cycle, 1.3 mJ pulses at 1.9 μm wavelength with 132 W average power
Optics letters, 48 (10) :2647 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0146-9592
Birger Nils Böning, and Stephan Fritzsche
Partial-wave representation of the strong-field approximation. II. Coulomb asymmetry in the photoelectron angular distribution of many-electron atoms
Physical review / A, 107 (2) :023108 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
K. Makur, B. Ramakrishna, S. Krishnamurthy, K. F. Kakolee, S. Kar, M. Cerchez, R. Prasad, K. Markey, M. N. Quinn, X. H. Yuan, J. S. Green, R. H. H. Scott, P. McKenna, J. Osterholz, O. Willi, P. A. Norreys, M. Borghesi, and M. Zepf
Probing bulk electron temperature via x-ray emission in a solid density plasma
Plasma physics and controlled fusion, 65 (4) :045005 ( 2023)
Publisher: IOP Publ.
ISSN: 0741-3335
Bernhard Hidding, Ralph Assmann, Michael Bussmann, David Campbell, Yen-Yu Chang, Sébastien Corde, Jurjen Couperus Cabadağ, Alexander Debus, Andreas Döpp, Max Gilljohann, J. Götzfried, F. Moritz Foerster, Florian Haberstroh, Fahim Habib, Thomas Heinemann, Dominik Hollatz, Arie Irman, Malte Kaluza, Stefan Karsch, Olena Kononenko, Alexander Knetsch, Thomas Kurz, Stephan Kuschel, Alexander Köhler, Alberto Martinez de la Ossa, Alastair Nutter, Richard Pausch, Gaurav Raj, Ulrich Schramm, Susanne Schöbel, Andreas Seidel, Klaus Steiniger, Patrick Ufer, Mark Yeung, Omid Zarini, and Matt Zepf
Progress in Hybrid Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
Photonics, 10 (2) :99 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2304-6732
Lars Lötgering, Mengqi Du, Dirk Boonzajer Flaes, Tomas Aidukas, Felix Wechsler, Daniel Santiago Penagos Molina, Max Rose, Antonios Pelekanidis, Wilhelm Eschen, Jürgen Hess, Thomas Wilhein, Rainer Heintzmann, Jan Rothhardt, and Stefan Witte
PtyLab.m/py/jl: a cross-platform, open-source inverse modeling toolbox for conventional and Fourier ptychography
Optics express, 31 (9) :13763 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 1094-4087
Danish Furekh Dar, and Stephan Fritzsche
Pulse Cycle Dependent Nondipole Effects in Above-Threshold Ionization
Atoms, 11 (6) :97 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2218-2004
Henning Stark, Maximilian Benner, Joachim Buldt, Arno Klenke, and Jens Limpert
Pulses of 32 mJ and 158 fs at 20-kHz repetition rate from a spatiotemporally combined fiber laser system
Optics letters, 48 (11) :3007 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0146-9592
Anna Maiorova, Stephan Fritzsche, Andrey Surzhykov, and Thomas Stöhlker
Radiative recombination of highly charged ions with polarized electrons
Physical review / A, 107 (4) :042814 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
Stephan Fritzsche, Anna Maiorova, and Zhongwen Wu
Radiative Recombination Plasma Rate Coefficients for Multiply Charged Ions
Atoms, 11 (3) :50 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2218-2004
Binghui Zhu, and Thomas Stöhlker
Radiative Recombination Studies for Bare Lead Ions Interacting with Low-Energy Electrons
Atoms, 11 (1) :2 ( 2023)
Publisher: MDPI
ISSN: 2218-2004
C. Zepter, A. Seidel, M. Zepf, M. C. Kaluza, and A. Sävert
Role of spatiotemporal couplings in stimulated Raman side scattering
Physical review research, 5 (1) :L012023 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2643-1564
Guang Yang, Vinicius Silva Oliveira, Dominic Laumer, Christoph M. Heyl, Andrey Yachmenev, Ingmar Hartl, and Jochen Küpper
Self-broadening and self-shift in the $3v_2$ band of ammonia from mid-infrared-frequency-comb spectroscopy
Journal of molecular spectroscopy, 392 :111744 ( 2023)
Publisher: Academic Press
ISSN: 0022-2852
Richard Bernecker, Baghdasar Baghdasaryan, and Stephan Fritzsche
Spatial and temporal characteristics of spontaneous parametric down-conversion with varying focal planes of interacting beams
The European physical journal / D, 77 (9) :172 ( 2023)
Publisher: Springer
ISSN: 1434-6060
Elias Kueny, Anne-Laure Calendron, Sven Velten, Lars Bocklage, Franz X. Kärtner, and Ralf Röhlsberger
Spin-structured multilayer THz emitters by oblique incidence deposition
Journal of applied physics, 133 (3) :033903 ( 2023)
Publisher: American Inst. of Physics
ISSN: 0021-8979
Ruo Yu Zheng, Li Guang Jiao, Aihua Liu, Jia Ma, Henry E Montgomery Jr, Yew Kam Ho, and Stephan Fritzsche
Stability of the $2p^2$ $^3P^e$ state of two-electron atoms near to critical nuclear charge
Journal of physics / B, 56 (9) :095002 ( 2023)
Publisher: IOP Publ.
ISSN: 0022-3700
S. Kosugi, F. Koike, M. Iizawa, F. Hosseini, J. Martins, T. Marchenko, O. Travnikova, J. D. Bozek, K. Ito, Stephan Fritzsche, M. N. Piancastelli, M. Simon, and Y. Azuma
Strong configuration-interaction contributions to the angle-resolved $4_p$ photoelectron spectra of atomic xenon
Physical review / A, 107 (2) :022814 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 2469-9926
Dominic Laumer, Haydar Sarper Salman, Yuxuan Ma, Kevin T. Zawilski, Peter G. Schunemann, Marcus Seidel, Christoph Heyl, and Ingmar Hartl
Sub-Hz relative linewidths from an interferometrically stabilized mid-infrared frequency comb
Optics letters, 48 (11) :3055 ( 2023)
Publisher: OSA
ISSN: 0146-9592
Kristian König, Stephan Fritzsche, Gaute Hagen, Jason D. Holt, Andrew Klose, Jeremy Lantis, Yuan Liu, Kei Minamisono, Takayuki Miyagi, Witold Nazarewicz, Thomas Papenbrock, Skyy V. Pineda, Robert Powel, and Paul-Gerhard Reinhard
Surprising Charge-Radius Kink in the Sc Isotopes at N = 20
Physical review letters, 131 (10) :102501 ( 2023)
Publisher: APS
ISSN: 0031-9007