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Micro-calorimeter Workshop

Thursday, 01/31/2013, 10:00 AM
Seminar room HI-Jena, Fröbelstieg 3

Micro-calorimeters applied for precision x-ray experiments: x-ray spectroscopy towards FAIR

The workshop addresses the perspectives and possibilities using new metallic magnetic calorimeters for high resolution x-ray spectroscopy studies of highly charged ions and plasmas. who is connected to this project or interested in this topic is welcome to participate in this meeting.

The workshop will not only address the long term projects regarding the x-ray physics program at FAIR (SPARC), but also the possibilities of performing first experiments at other ion research facilities which being available within the next two to three years. In this context the status of the maXs calorimeter itself and the related x-ray focusing optics will be presented. In addition reports addressing the status of the HITRAP facility including the target area, the CRYRING storage ring and the Stockholm-EBIT at GSI will be given. Moreover the deployment of micro-calorimeter at other experimental facilities (ECRIS in Paris, EBIS-A in Kielce) besides GSI/FAIR will be subject of discussion.

The purpose of our meeting is to give an update of the current status of the project, to define a realistic time line, to discuss feasible experiments for the various experimental sites as well as their preparation and to define a list of tasks.

With the best wishes from Jena

Renate Märtin and Thomas Stöhlker

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If you plan to participate please let us know (e.g. because of organization of lunch): r.maertin@gsi.de