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8th Joint Lecture Week of RS-APS and HGS-HIRe


Due to the Covid-19 situation in 2020 the traditional annual Joint RS-APS & HGS-HIRe Lecture Week could not be held as a face-to-face event in the usual format. However the RS-APS of the HI Jena offered this scientific training event in a modified online version as mini series of lectures in the afternoon of four days with the title “The Prospects of Cryogenic Detectors and Superconducting Electronics: from Fundamental Research to Applications” This year, the scientific program aims to cover various aspects of cryogenic-based sensor technology and electronics. The lecturers Prof. Christian Enss (University Heidelberg), Dr. Ronny Stolz (Leibniz-IPHT) and Dr. Volker Tympel (Helmholtz Institute Jena) gave a broad insight view of this research area for the students participating.