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HI Jena participates in Open Day event of GSI and FAIR


The open day 2017 of GSI and FAIR was the first after many years, and the first presenting GSI and FAIR together. The almost eleven thousand visitors were handled perfectly, and all comments very extremely positive. It was a marvelous opportunity to communicate what we are and do to the general public, including our own families and friends who could finally see what we are up to all day, and why we are proud of it.

The event was very well prepared, publicized and organized, and all could see what the lab has achieved and is achieving and how tangible and concrete is the progress of FAIR. But even more, we have been able to transmit to the visitors the enthusiasm, the passion, the knowledge, the creativity and the commitment of a whole community, the qualities which make ours much more than a workplace, but a fantastic adventure to advance human knowledge. That is what a world class research center is, and that is what our visitors yesterday could experience and see.

HI Jena at the Open Day of GSI/FAIR